ABP-633 Fucking a beautiful big breasted office girl

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    The lecherous female employee Imanaga works as a secretary for a business company. She lives alone in a small apartment next to her co-worker's house. Her colleague often came to her house under the pretense of confiding, but in reality he just lusted after her big breasts. After many times of getting to know her and gradually gaining her affection, he decided to attack her, starting a series of dark sexual days to come. A few days later, when she went to work, she was also "done by" a garbage collector. Even though she did not agree, he still used her strong body to rape her. Not stopping there, too many things happened that made her depressed and had to borrow alcohol to relieve her sadness and forget the bad things that happened to her. But once again luck was not on her side, the bar employee was also a lustful guy, he just waited for her to get drunk before rushing to attack her like a sadist.
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