Loved watching soccer, a young man was horned by a bear right at home

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    Jay and his girlfriend Eva invite Xander to watch a soccer final at their house. For Jay, this is a very important match for his favorite club, but not for Eva, she doesn't care because she doesn't have the same interests as her boyfriend. Too bored to see Jay focusing on the TV without paying attention to her, Eva switched to chatting with Xander, she did daring things with Jay's best friend, the purpose was to make her boyfriend have a fit. jealous, but no, he didn't pay attention at all. Things became heated when Eva winked and signaled Xander to come into the bathroom with her. She went in first, then Xander also tried to get in later, and of course the young man who loved the ball didn't pay any attention and just came. After watching the match, Jay went to look for the bear with his best friend, but it was too late.
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