MVSD-487 The wonderful soul of tutor Yuiki Rino

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    MVSD-487 I’ll Be Your Lover Until Graduation I Don’t Trust Women, But Rino-Sensei’s Healing Boobs Wrap Up My Heart And D*ck, Nasty, Close Slow Sex Yuki Rino. The story is about a beautiful love story of a lucky male student and his first tutor who has the best soul (mlem mlem.. really, Yuki Rino has such delicious breasts, not only that, her butt is curvy extremely beautiful, is there anyone like me who doesn't see girls wearing glasses and watches looking so arousing, just looking at them makes me want to hug them right away, guys). Today was Yuki Rino's first day tutoring a shy male student. The first lesson went very happily and peacefully. The male student seemed to really like teacher Yuki Rino. Through the first lessons, Yuki Rino and the male student gradually became closer. One day, seeing his student Yuki Rino feeling sad, he inquired and learned that he once loved his best friend very much, but because of his shy nature, he was cuckolded, and since then he no longer believes in women. After hearing that touching story, Yuki Rino helped her student regain his confidence by being his girlfriend until he graduated... .
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