Star Wars side story - Hand Solo part 1: A DP XXX Parody Vietsub

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    The XXX Parody movie series continues to produce a new masterpiece 'Hand Solo: A DP XXX Parody', an extremely good movie and worth taking the time to watch. The story is about the pilot Hand Solo who has a dream of becoming the richest and most powerful in the galaxy. An explosion on a ship carrying energy tanks belonging to the "Black Son" faction caused a stir among smugglers. Han Solo did not miss that opportunity and set out with his girlfriend to find a chance to become rich. It's not easy when the Empire is sending people to round up smugglers. The intertwined love triangles that take place on the spaceship also make the movie very attractive. The reason I split it into 2 parts is because the movie is quite long, watching it on mobile phones may be very slow, so I split it up to watch faster, and during that time I will continue with the rest, stay tuned. tomorrow guys.
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